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Bochnia Salt Mine


Bochnia Salt Mine is the oldest rock salt mine in Poland. Its establishment as an organized business dates back to the year 1248. The history of the mine is
associated with the figure of St. Kinga. Bochnia Salt Mine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Bochnia Salt Mine invites you to explore the extraordinary salt excavations that form an underground city. In the mine, there is a lot of memorabilia connected with the figure of St. Kinga: a salt sculpture of the saint, original salt pedestals that supported the sacrificial table at the papal altar in Stary Sącz, where Pope John Paul II canonized Blessed Kinga in 1999. The greatest treasure of the Chapel of St. Kinga are the relics of the Saint, solemnly brought to the mine on 23 June 2016.

Visitors of Bochnia Salt Mine can enjoy three tourist trails:
- multimedia tourist route
- nature route
- “The Old Mountains Expedition” historic route
Tourist Office: +48 146152460, +48 146152462