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St. Stanislaus of Kazimierz (1433-1489)

"In the first year following the death of Stanislaus, more than 160 people were released from various diseases;  people at his tomb suddenly and completely regained their health from even severe and fatal diseases​." That is how, more than one hundred fifty years ago, Fr. Piotr Pękalski wrote about a man who, out of humility, asked to be laid to rest beneath the floor of Corpus Christi Church, so that others could tread on his remains.

As is characteristic: he actually did not do spectacular things in his lifetime. He did not hover above the ground, he did not raise the dead, nor did he receive the stigmata – and yet the residents of Kazimierz and Krakow had no doubt that he was a man of God. An avalanche of miracles after his death can be read as a message from heaven, that holiness is acquired primarily through daily deeds – any extraordinariness is just supplementary.

Stanislaus Sołtys was a late child, a fruit the prayers of his pious mother, Jadwiga. His whole life actually revolved around Corpus Christi Church. Here he was baptized, attended the parish school, and finally entered the Order of Canons Regular of the Lateran, he survived 33 years here in the monastery. He tried not to waste a single day. For many, he proved to be a reliable spiritual guide; as a preacher and confessor, he admonished sinners, instructed the ignorant, comforted the afflicted, and counseled the doubtful. He was a great devotee of Mary; he constantly prayed for the living and the dead. In addition to spiritual works of mercy, he did not forget about the corporal works of mercy. He especially cared for the sick and often offered his own meal to the poor. He was guided until his final days by the maxim of St. Augustine: if you want to raise a great and tall building of holiness, you must start from a foundation of humility.



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